You Got Your Trash on My Art. You Got Your Art on My Trash.

~~ Please don’t read this post as an endorsement of Chipotle’s food* or business practices. ~~

Chipotle has decided to feature stories penned by Jonathan Safran Foer, Toni Morrison, and others on their product packaging. I’m fascinated by the planned obsolescence of almost everything these days. A by-product of our fascination with consumption. Especially, considering the horrible situations which occur when a society decides to massively consume limited resources as though they were infinite. 

I like the idea of a piece of original text on a cup or a bag influencing a person’s decision to recycle, or better yet, repurpose. I appreciate the immediacy of it and I like how it feels more like conservancy. Hopefully, future decisions to use works of art in similar ways will continue to push artists towards caring less about the persistence of their work and more about the influence of their work.     


*My order: chicken burrito, white rice, black beans, scoop of the mild, scoop of the hot, cheese and lettuce.


Talking Diversity: The Earlier the Better

The bestselling book NurtureShock discusses the importance of parents talking about race with their children. Furthermore, the book indicates that the earlier these conversations occur the better–“At one moment a study was conducted between first graders and third graders…‘The researchers found this worked wonders on the first-grade children.  Having been in the cross-race study groups led to significantly more cross-race play.  But it made no difference on the third-grade children.  It’s possible that by third grade, when parents usually recognize it’s safe to start talking a little about race, the developmental window has already closed.’”

Spurred by this knowledge New York Public Library’s Youth Materials Collections Specialist Elizabeth Bird has put together a picture book reading list useful for discussing race, religion and alternative lifestyles with children ages 4-8. Ms. Bird’s list is comprehensive, well-researched and is a great place to start if you are searching for quality diversity related resources.